Piles Treatment - See How Easily You Can Give Natural Treatment For Piles

Are you suffering from external piles? Then you should know that certain foods can cause your external piles. Certain foods just dont agree with some people, while the same food dont bother other people. External piles can sometimes be cured by eliminating certain foods and by eating more of other kinds of food. 1st, let us examine some foods that you should avoid to help you eliminate your external piles.

There is nothing to be afraid of seeking bleeding piles treatment. Your doctor will not laugh at you; your doctor may even scold you for not seeking help earlier. The doctor will examine your piles and judge their severity. And then, based on his or her judgment, your doctor will recommend a treatment regimen that will help stop the bleeding and cure your piles.

Constipation is known to be the most common cause of piles. It can also aggravate the situation if you already do have piles. When you are constipated, your stools become hard that's why you need to strain during bowel movement. When you strain, the blood vessels in your anal region becomes swollen and inflamed.

Through grading the different stages of haemorrhoids it's possible to identify how severe a case is. Health is a convoluted subject, and unfortunately it's rarely simply a case of taking one drug/ approach and hey-presto. Then there're the side-effects you have to contest with... The symptoms you experience place you into a category, which then determines what your next course of action is.

Onion Juice - Onions are very effective for bleeding piles. A tablespoon of onion juice with a little ghee and sugar should be taken twice a day for a few days.

As with anything, drinking in moderation is good advice. Do not use this advice as a excuse to get pissed drunk now as a excuse for finding a external piles cure! If you suffer from external piles, the next time you drink a large amount of alcohol, see how your piles are the next day when you go to the bathroom. Feeling is believing!

Dry figs: The consumption of dry figs is one of the most effective home remedies for piles. Three or four figs should be soaked overnight in water after being cleaned properly in hot water. They here should be taken the first thing in the morning along with the water in which they are soaked. They should also be taken in the evening in the same manner for three or four weeks. The tiny seeds of dry figs have an excellent quality of stimulating peristaltic movements of the intestines. This facilitates easy elimination of feces and keeps the alimentary canal clean.

Another cure for piles is called bipolar coagulation. This is a painless treatment and what happens is that it coagulates mucous found in the affected area through electrotherapy. If this does not work, your other option is Hemorrhoidal Arterial Ligation on HAL. This is a popular cure for piles. How this is done is through a needle and a thread. The ultimate result is to tie the hemorrhoid that swelled and lessen the pain.

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